Rotary Virtual Youth Exchange Program

Mobility doesn’t necessarily require movement

Rotary opens Opportunities and this is why we are starting the Virtual Youth Exchange. 

Virtual Exchanges represent an engaging alternative to in-person exchanges, providing young people the opportunity to engage and collaborate with people from other cultures and communities through technology. They are not only an alternative to the physical exchanges but mainly a first step to build the foundation for a future added value physical exchange. The opportunity for the student is to move towards virtual with the objective in the medium term to use virtual as entry point to go physically much better prepared because, meanwhile you are already familiar about of the country, the twin student and the foreign language increasing the final value of the exchange.

In the Virtual Exchange each student Is matched with a student from another country based on age level, personality, shared goals and objectives and will get a mentor.

The students will be connected by zoom or/and other social media tool and they will have the opportunity to choose from 1 to six (1 mandatory) different learning modules. A minimum of 4 modules should be completed to be preapproved for an in person exchange. However, there is no obligation to travel. 

We will offer language classes (Portuguese, English and Italian). 

Every week there will be a group meeting and a language lesson. Every month there will be a Rotary/Rotaract event. 

Don’t miss this opportunity! We are waiting for you!





October-December 2021

Every student

Is matched with an other student

Gets a Rotary/Rotaract/Rotex mentor

Target: minimum of 5 participants

Age: 14-18

Every week

Language lesson 1 hr/week

Group meeting 1 hr/week

Every month

Rotaract Event

Learning Modules

Daily Life









Daily Life

This mandatory module introduces the virtual exchange program and start the journey for youth to make connections between their own communities and their twins.

Participants begin with ice breaker activities, then focus on defining identity and community so they may prepare information about their community to present to their twin: where’s their favorite place to eat, to hang out, what music they like, etc.


Youth will create a kahoot quiz, or a short video showcasing their community.



This unit fosters an understanding of the diverse individuals and institutions within communities.

Youth will develop an understanding of significant people, places and events in the past that have shaped their community and their twins’ community.

Youth will gain an understanding that every community has many histories to explore. Within this module, students will learn about who has come before them and how times have changed.


Youth will create a short photo gallery or slide show with captions, to share some of the historic people, places, and events within their community.



In this activity, youth will be encouraged to get outside and explore their natural environment.

The unit helps them to explore the unique natural characteristics of their community and the impact of human activity on their local environment. 

Students will reflect on why it is important to connect to the environment and consider their responsibility with the natural environment.


Youth will create a map featuring natural characteristics in their community or graph human activity that has impacted their natural environment.



This unit will help youth develop an understanding of economic concepts and how various industries work together to shape our regional and national economies.

The unit will also encourage youth to explore their own future opportunities by reaching out to local business and industry leaders to learn about their jobs and how they got started. 


Youth will create short documentaries featuring (zoom) interviews with business and/or government leaders about economic challenges and opportunities in their community.


Arts / Culture / Music

This unit will support and encourage youth’s artistic expression and/or the exploration of their community through an artistic lens.

Youth will be encouraged to create their own art projects that reflect on their community and their cultural identity and/or research historic and contemporary artists in arts, dance, music, theatre and literature that have helped shape their community’s identity


Youth will create a website featuring local art and artists (could be all or any one of visual, dance, music, written or create a gallery of their own works).



This unit will support and encourage youth’s sports passions and attitudes.

Youth will be encouraged to introduce and/or discover the most popular sports and the curiosities about them


Youth will be challanged in some physical activities as well as in organizing some virtual workout competitions.



Located in Northern Italy, District 2041 includes Milan, and the metropolitan area around it.

Relying on solid industrial roots, deep cultural heritage, natural and tourist attractions, it is a densely populated area including important attractive pearls of Italy.

Milan is a city with a population of about 1.4 million, is the most important italian business centre, with strengths in the fields of Art, Commerce, Design, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Healthcare, Media, Services, Research and Tourism. The city hosts numerous outstanding academies and universities, with 11% of the national total of enrolled students.

The first Italian Rotary Club was here founded and on that path, the first exchanges took place in 1985. 

District 2041 comprises 46 Rotary Clubs with more than 2,100 Rotarians and has always been very involved with the New Generations. There are, in fact, as many as, 18 Rotaract Club and 3 Interact Club, constantly assisted and supported by Rotary. Every year there are many events organised expressly for young people in order to help them, firstly, in their cultural growth and later professionally. Video RYE2041



Brazil is one of the largest Countries in the World with 210 million people.

District 4420 is located in São Paulo Metropolitan & Coast in Brazil.

It means that we have different size of cities and different environmental places in our District.

We are in 78 Rotary Clubs and we have 81 volunteers involved directly in Youth Exchange Program and NGSE (New Generations Service Exchange). Among them there are a physician, a psychologist and a lawyer.

We are used to make Long Term, Short Term, and Summer Camp and recently we started to make Virtual Exchange Program with success.

Throughout the exchange the students participate in different social activities with their families, their host clubs, Interact Clubs, Rotex and their school perhaps in a virtual way nowadays.


Contact Italy

Maria Grazia Dossena

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Contact Brazil

Jani Hatanaka

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